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Can’t see the recent edits to your WordPress page?

You’re definitely not alone, and it’s probably no fault of your own.


• You’ve just finished editing a page on your wordpress site
• You’ve previewed the changes, everything looks fine
• You update the page, refresh the page in your browser
• BUT… you can’t see the changes you’ve just made

Worst yet… you’re sitting with a client while making the edits to their website, and you are unable to explain why they can’t now view these edits online in real time… how NOT to demonstrate your skills as a webmaster while trying to impress your client☹

WordPress is probably the most recognizable and one of the more stable content management platforms. As a website designer you are confident in your abilities, so why aren’t your recent edits showing up online?

The first and most obvious remedy is to refresh the page in your browser, as your computer will by default create a cached page (store data locally to speed up subsequent retrievals) on your computer.

Pronounced “cash.” A temporary storage area in your computer’s memory or disk that holds the most recently visited web page, enabling you to go back to a page without having to download it from the server again. In theory, the browser compares the dates of the cached page with the edited page, if the Web page has not changed, the cached page is displayed immediately, if the page has changed, it is loaded again this time from the server.

In theory, now that you’ve refreshed your browser, your computers cache, if it’s doing its job correctly, should have now loaded the updated page… but you still can’t see the changes you’ve just made!

The next obvious remedy would be to clear your cache (different browsers require different steps, best to Google how to). OK, you’ve cleared your computers cache… once again refreshed your browser… and… you still can’t view the edited page.

What the ##expletive## is going on!

I will suggest that it is still a caching problem, however not on your computer, but on your server. Further to, if your wordpress site is hosted on one of the hosting providers owned by the Endurance International Group, the caching problem likely lies within a MU (must use) plugin called endurance-page-cache.

My experience has been that the EIG hosting company I had been using for many years (HostMonster) had taken the liberty to add the endurance-page-cache plugin to all of my wordpress website, without my knowledge or authorization, and depending how the endurance-page-cache plugin was programmed my wordpress pages would not reflect any recent edits for hours to days. (An updated list of EIG Hosting platforms can be found below this post)

After many attempts to have the endurance-page-cache plugin removed (it would regenerate) from my HostMonster server, with the edit/update issues ongoing; my solution was to find a hosting provider that was able to meet my needs, one that does not cache my web pages, and move all my websites to them.

Please note: That while I’ve detailed my experience with endurance-page-cache, there is also a possibility that you may have installed a caching plugin yourself from the WordPress plugin directory that could cause a similar problem. You can view what plugins are on your site via your wp-admin Dashboard > Plugin, and in theory, disable the suspect cache plugin to see if it is causing the edit/update problem.

Full Updated List of EIG Hosting Companies

EIG hosting

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